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HSMP-38xx Pi Attenuator Demo Board

The HSMP-38xx Pi Attenuator demonstration circuit allows you to test and evaluate the performance of either the HSMP-3814 or HSMP-3864 diodes under your specific application condition. This circuit is designed with 50 W input and output microstrip lines and is made on 0.031-inch thick FR-4 dielectric material. The layout accommodates a SOT-23 surface mount package. This is a broadband circuit, operating from <3 MHz to 3 GHz. A complete discussion is included in the Agilent Technologies Application Note 1048.
fits package:
SOT-23 (pkg 33)
Use with:
HSMP-3814, HSMP-3864
Associated Documents:
AN 1048: A Low Cost Surface Mount PIN Diode Pi Attenuator [74k]
Applications Bulletin: Assembly Instructions for Communications Components Demonstration Circuit Boards [22k]
HSMP-38 Series Data Sheet [142k]
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this page last updated: 1 October 1999