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spectrum: 25 to 32 GHz
Bandwidth:150 MHz to 1.15 GHz

The FCC awarded U.S. LMDS licenses in two blocks, A and B. The "Block A" winners received 1.15 GHz of bandwidth composed of three segments: 27.5 to 28.35 GHz, 29.1 to 29.25 GHz, and 31.075 to 31.225 GHz. The "Block B" winners received 150 MHz of bandwidth composed of two segments: 31.0 to 31.075 GHz and 31.225 to 31.3 GHz.

Canada has allocated six 500 MHz wide blocks of radio spectrum for LMCS operations in the 25.35 - 28.35 GHz band. Initial LMCS license awards in Canada consisted of two contiguous 500 MHz spectrum blocks covering 27.35 to 28.35 GHz.

Representative LMDS System Specification

Hub Parameters
Transmit frequency: 27.5-28.35 GHz
channel bandwidth: 40 MHz
16 OC-1 data channels at 52 Mbps
960 DS-) telephone channels per sector
up to 100 video channels
power per carrier: 30 dBm
modulation scheme: QPSK
Receive frequency: 30.075-30.225 GHz noise figure: 4 dB
hub antenna gain: 14 dBi residential, 20-35 dBi business
IF input: 2000-2850 MHz
IF output: 875-1175 MHz

Resedential parameters:
noise figure: 6 dB
antenna gain: 35 dBi
Rx IF frequency: 1.5 GHz transmit (upstream):
frequency: 30.075-30.225 GHz
data rate: 3 Mbps
bandwidth: 2 MHz
transmit power: 20 dBm
modulation: DQPSK
TX IF frequency: 450 MHz

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