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Gain Block Specification Selection Guide
Bias Range
(Vcc, Vc, Vd;   Icc, Ic, Id)

  -----------------------------------3 V-----------------------------------
  MGA-875xx 4 mA
  INA-12xxx 5 mA
  INA-30xxx 6 mA
  INA-31xxx 11 mA
  MGA-855xx 15 mA to 30 mA
  INA-32xxx 20 mA  
  MGA-725xx 20 mA to 60 mA  
  INA-34xxx 30 mA  
  MGA-815xx 42 mA  
  MGA-825xx 84 mA  
  MGA-835xx 142 mA +
    0             20               40               60               80               100  
  Bias Current [mA]  
  -----------------------------------5 V-----------------------------------
  INA-51xxx 12 mA
  INA-03xxx 12 mA
  MSA-06xx 16 mA
  MGA-865xx 16 mA
  INA-50xxx 17 mA  
  INA-54xxx 29 mA  
  INA-52xxx 29 mA  
  IVA-05xxx 35 mA  
  HMMC-5200 45 mA  
  HMMC-5220 45 mA  
  -----------------------------------6 V-----------------------------------
  MSA-07xx 22 mA  
  MSA-21xx 29 mA  
  MSA-31xx 29 mA  
  INA-01xxx 35 mA  
  INA-02xxx 35 mA  
  IVA-14xxx 38 mA  
  INA-10xxx 45 mA  
  HPMX-3002 160 mA +
    0             20               40               60               80               100  
  Bias Current [mA]  
  -----------------------------------8 V-----------------------------------
  MSA-01xx 17 mA  
  MSA-02xx 25 mA  
  MSA-20xx 32 mA  
  MSA-03xx 35 mA  
  MSA-04xx 50 mA  
  MSA-11xx 60 mA  
  MSA-0420 90 mA  
  HMMC-5003 155 mA +
  HMMC-5004 480 mA +
  -----------------------------------10 V -----------------------------------
  MSA-09xx 35 mA  
  MSA-99xx 35 mA  
  MSA-08xx 36 mA  
  MGA-641xx 50 mA  
  MSA-05xx 80 mA  
  -----------------------------------15 V+ -----------------------------------
  MSA-0520 15 V, 165 mA +
    0             20               40               60               80               100  
  Bias Current [mA]  

Vd: The power supply voltage for best operation in volts.
Typically the Vd requirement is set by the power supply the designer has available and is not negotiable - though you can always choose a device with a Vd lower than the available supply voltage. Note that MSA products are actually current controlled not voltage controlled. For these products the voltage quoted assumes the use of an ~2 V drop across a bias resistor to change the voltage rail into a current source and provide some temperature stability for the bias. If the designer uses an active bias circuit the voltage drop will be reduced to ~1V so these devices can be used to 1V lower that the voltage quoted. HPMX INA and MGA devices can be treated as voltage controlled i.e. their bias remains relatively stable over temperature when the IC is biased directly from a fixed voltage source.

Id: The amount of bias current the device draws in mA.
For an IC the biasing circuit is internal so once a Vd is selected the Id is determined. More Id means less battery life for handheld equipment. It also means higher efficiency which translates into cooler operation and longer lifetime. Alternatively it usually means more output power capability and greater linearity (less distortion). An interesting figure of merit is dB/mA the amount of gain available for the current drawn.

Vd: needs to fit application
Id: Assuming performance is adequate less Id is better.

Vd: 3-6 V for handheld, to greater than 18 V for "plugged-in"
Id: 4 - 325 mA

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