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Bluetooth is the codename for a proposed global standard for wireless connectivity. Founding members of Bluetooth include Ericsson, IBM, Intel, Nokia, and Toshiba. Bluetooth is intended to provide a low cost, short range, radio technology that can wirelessly interconnect personal and business mobile devices such as laptop computers and cellular phones to create an untetherd work environment. Some examples of what users will be able to do using Bluetooth technology:
  • Use the same phone wherever you are (business intercom / home portable / cellular).
  • Surf the Internet regardless of the connection.
  • Connect all participants for instant data exchange.
  • Use a cordlessly connected headset to keep hands free.
  • Use your laptop as a speaker phone wherever you are.
  • Use e-mail while your laptop is still in the briefcase.
  • Write e-mails on your laptop while you're on an airplane.
  • Automatic background synchronization keeps you up-to-date.
  • Send instant photographs and video clips from any location.
  • Connect all peripheral tools to your PC or to the LAN.

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