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Personal Digital Cellular


  Radio Specifications
Applicable standards: RCR STD-27B
uplink (handset transmit): 940-956 MHz and 1429-1453 MHz
downlink (handset receive): 810-826 MHz and 1477-1501 MHz
multiple access scheme: TDMA
(40 msec frame divided into 6 Tx or Rx slots of 6.66 msec duration. When half-rate codecs become practical, systems may switch to 12 time slots per frame)
duplexing scheme: FDD/TDD
(Tx and Rx are performed sequentially, not simultaneously)
TX/RX spacing: 130 MHz in the 800 MHz band; 48 MHz in the 1500 MHz band
channel spacing: 25 interleaved 50 kHz
channel bit rate: 42 kb/s
full rate channels per carrier: 6
modulation: pi/4 DQPSK, alpha=0.5
transmit power (mobile unit): class I: 3.0 W; class II: 2.0 W; class III: 0.8 W; class IV: 0.3 W
(power output during Tx slot)
transmit power (base station): not specified
cell radius: 0.5 - 20 km
Coding algorithm: VSELP (11.2kbps)
Delay Spread Equalization: option
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this page last updated: 1 October 1999