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FCC Frequency allocations for licensed service
Channel Block Frequency [MHz] Service Area
A (30 MHz) 1850-1865/1930-1945 Major trading areas
B (30 MHz) 1870-1885/1950-1965 Major trading areas
C (20 MHz) 1895-1910/1975-1990 Basic trading areas
D (10 MHz) 1865-1870/1945-1950 Basic trading areas
E (10 MHz) 1885-1890/1965-1970 Basic trading areas
F (10 MHz) 1890-1895/1970-1975 Basic trading areas
unlicensed 1910-1930 Basic trading areas

Radio Specifications

standard: IS-136
system: PCS-TAG-4
access method: TDMA (3:1)
duplex method: FDD
modulation format: pi/4 DQPSK
data carrier: 48 kbit
rate signal: 8 kbit
audio coding: VSELP
channel BW/SP: 30 kHz
Max user avg: 200 mW
Power peak: 600 mW
Handset pwr supply: 3 V


List of Standards

TIA/EIA/IS-136 Air interface standard

IEEE Standard 269-1992, IEEE Standard Method for Measuring Transmission Performance of Analog and Digital Telephone Sets (ANSI)

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