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  Radio Specifications
uplink (handset transmit): 890-915 MHz
downlink (handset receive): 935-960 MHz
multiple access scheme: FDTDMA/FDMA
  (time division access on multiple frequency bands)
duplexing scheme: FDD
TX/RX spacing: 45 MHz
channel spacing: 200 kHz
total number of radio channels: 124
channel bit rate: 270.833 kb/sec
full rate channels per carrier: 8
modulation: GMSK with BT=0.3
filter: 0.3 Gaussian
transmit power (mobile unit): 3.7 mW to 20 W
volume is in the Class IV [2W] handsets
lowest power handset is 0.8 W
max transmit power (base): 55 dBm (320 Watts)
full speech coder bit rate: 13 kbit/sec
equalization for multipath delay: 16 microseconds
full rate transmission delay due to interleaving: 65 milliseconds
optional frequency hopping: 217 hops/sec (slow hopping)
Half rate channels for data and speech
Discontinuous transmission
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this page last updated: 1 October 1999