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Download single file for AppCAD 2.0.0 

  • Download file name: setupex.exe
  • Download file size: 7.9 MB*
  • Description: AppCAD for Windows Version 2.0.0

Instructions: Download setupex.exe to any convenient subdirectory on your HDD. After downloading, double click this executable file from your Windows Explorer to automatically install AppCAD.

*Note: The actual transfer includes FTP overhead and will be approximately 8.9 MB even though the file size in only 7.9 MB.

Download AppCAD 2.0.0  as a 6-disc file set

If you prefer, AppCAD can be downloaded as six smaller files rather than as one big file. This option may be preferable for dial-up connections or for internet service providers having timeouts that prevent downloading large files.

  • Download file size: 1.4 MB (each file)
  • Description: AppCAD for Windows Version 2.0.0

Instructions: Download each of the following six files to a separate subdirectory on your computer. You may then unzip each file directly to a 3.5-in, 1.44 MB flexible disc, or unzip to the subdirectory on the HDD and copy the resulting unzipped files to a 3.5-in flexible disc. The result will be a set of six flexible discs from which you can install AppCAD. To install, run setup.exe from disc 1.

Disk 1  (200disk1.zip)

Disk 2  (200disk2.zip)

Disk 3  (200disk3.zip)

Disk 4  (200disk4.zip)

Disk 5  (200disk5.zip)

Disk 6  (200disk6.zip)

Download AppCAD "Classic" (DOS version): 

appcadcl.exe    (600K)